SeanCody’s Jock Jamie Thinks His Dick Might Be Too Big

SeanCody's Jock Jamie Thinks His Dick Might Be Too Big
‘s latest twenty-six year old Jamie is a real sweetheart. His friends describe him as weird, outgoing and funny, but Jamie is a cowboy at heart. He fantasizes about going out with a guy and riding horses out into the woods on a beautiful day. Jamie is versatile when it comes to sex. “If I was asked to top or bottom it wouldn’t matter to me, I’m vice versa I could go either way“. Jamie prefers dicks that are moderate in size, especially when he’s a bottom. In fact, Jamie thinks his dick is way too big to be honest. When Jamie pulls out his cock and starts jerking off, it’s clear he wasn’t exaggerating.

“My dick is way too big sometimes…”

6 thoughts on “SeanCody’s Jock Jamie Thinks His Dick Might Be Too Big”

  1. Don’t worry Jamie. Every beautiful inch equals more pleasure. My eyes are watering at the thought of having you inside me!

    • Sorry Jamie. Girth doesn’t look so scary…..length is not a problem. It’s big boy birth that make my eyes water and my ass cry out for more…..just saying…..but I wouldn’t say no :-)

  2. This guy is gorgeous…..he is hung….oh my god is he hung! Please god let me meet him in real life so he can take me with every inch of that cock. Agree entirely with the first comment…every extra inch is worth the effort for the extra pleasure……oh god I am whimpering at the prospect!!!!! Sorry if this is coming across as pathetic….but, Jamie, you have just made we quiver at the very prospect of taking inch after inch of your cock inside me …..sweet, sweet Jamie….

  3. Collosal, spectacular, humongous, gigantic, splendid, wonderful, monstrous, a beast, leviathan, eye-watering, huge, bigger than you can imagine, awesome, fantastic, wondrous,… that enough adjectives to demonstrate how much I am bewitched by your cock Jamie!! Sweet dreams…..I will be dreaming of you and your magnificent cock!!

    • Agree with every adjective and then a few more. Why have I not see more of this guy?…and I don’t mean just inches :-)

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