[A dozen GIFs of…] MMA Fighter Conor McGregor

Hunky Irish MMA champion Conor McGregor recently bared all for famous ESPN Body Issue 2016 magazine. Their behind the scenes video was too hot to not to be treated with GIFs. So here they are – a dozen moving images of this unbelievably handsome and successful champ.

McGregor was born 14 July 1988 in Dublin, Ireland. At the age of 12 he started kickboxing and switched to MMA at the age of 20.

We’re all human here at the end of the day — regardless of color, gender, sexuality. Any of that. It’s all meaningless. We all deserve the same rights. It just feels right to me.”

He used to get bullied because of being easy target due to his shorter stature and size growing up. Bullying is one reason why he grew closer to combat sport growing up.

Connor has a longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin. He’s very fond of her and they’ve been together for almost a decade.

The last time Conor lost a fight was November 2010. He lost that contest by submission just 38 seconds into the first round.

Conor trained as a plumber in his early 20s and just before his first high profile fight in UFC he picked a a $180 check from the “social welfare”.

Conor once defeated his opponent in just 13 seconds which go down as the quickest knockout in UFC title fight. But he has done it even quicker before – just 4 seconds.


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  1. Oh my god. What a sexy, muscular stud! He should go naked more often!! I mean, look at the buns on him! Wow. I get aroused just looking at him. Yum.

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